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3 Benefits of Doggie Day Care

  • Is your dog an important part of your family? Do you want your dog to reach their full potential? If you do want your dog to lead and live an enriched life, then doggie day care maybe what you are looking for.

    Doggie day care is the equivalence of childcare and is incredibly beneficial for your dog. It’s not only a place to send your dog when you are away or at work, it’s a place for your dog to make new friends, adapt new & positive habits and learn new things. Your dog can be spoiled, groomed, pampered and it is also an environment where they can exercise, increase health and develop good behaviors and manners.

    The benefits of doggie day care are significant. Many dogs lack the attention and stimulation that they need to be the best dogs that they can be because owners can’t always spend enough time with them, are first time dog owners and not all owners own more than one dog. Here are some of the reasons why your pooch should go to doggie day care.



    There are critical stages throughout your dog’s life where they need necessary attention that will positively influence their behaviours. Socialisation is incredibly important to teach your dog to have better coping skills and behave appropriately when meeting new dogs for the first time, meeting people, experiences and places. By introducing your dog to other dogs, you are able to help their psychological development.

    Letting your dog stay at doggie day care means professionals will be able to help expose your pooch to the new experiences that they need. It is also beneficial in exposing your dog to different play styles, breeds and temperaments. The socialisation training doesn’t just end after doggie day care. A well-socialised dog will carry those positive behaviors into their everyday life and other surrounds.



    Not all of us have big backyards for our dogs to play in, and sometimes it can be hard to find the time to provide the length of exercise that our dogs require. Exercise is not just for your dog’s enjoyment, it’s for their physical and mental wellbeing. Dogs were built to be active, so taking your pooch to doggie day care means that they can be given all of the healthy and necessary activity that they need. Whether that be through playing ball games, tug-a-war with ropes, running through tunnels, weaving through agility poles, play wrestling with other dogs and using their minds when playing with puzzle toys.

    Not only is exercise good for your dog’s health, it is necessary to prevent unwanted behaviors that occur when your dog is bored, stressed or frustrated. Barking, tail chasing, destroying things in the home or digging in the backyard are all behaviors your dog exhibits when they haven’t exercised enough, whether that be mental or physical exercise which are both as vital to your dogs health as each other. It also can lengthen the life of your dog if they exercise more because it helps their bones, ligaments, organs and respiratory system.



    Many of us have incredibly busy schedules and it can hard to provide the attention that our dogs need. Working 8 hours or so a day means that we don’t have much time to spend with our dogs during their waking hours, and it also means that our dogs are left unattended with a lot of pent-up energy. Some dog owners find it hard to go away, holiday or have to say no to enjoying certain events with family and friends because they don’t want to leave their dog by themselves. Doggie day care provides the space where your dogs can play in a safe, supervised and controlled environment during business hours, which can allow you to enjoy after work activities without feeling guilty for leaving your dog at home for extended periods. It really is the perfect solution to ensuring your dog is as content as he could possibly be.


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