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3 Ways To Boost Productivity And Maintain A Great Work-Life Balance While Working From Home

  • Working from home can be splendid. You don’t have to take the dreaded commute to work, you can take breaks whenever you want and you can even choose to be in your pyjamas all day long if you’d like. But combining your work and home can also be a risky endeavour. Having your office in the place where you live, eat, sleep and relax can make it hard to find the motivation to get your work completed. Having flexibility, a limited structure and no boss on your back may seem like the dream but it makes it a lot harder to be productive.

    Here are 3 ways to boost your productivity and maintain a great work-life balance.

    1. Create a good work space

    While it might be far more comfortable to work from bed or the couch, it’s not going to make you very efficient. Set up a desk and commit to working in that specifically designated space. Separating your personal area and work area is incredibly important to ensure that you don’t tarnish your home and make it only remind you of your required tasks and of the work that needs to be done.  

    When you create your workspace, put effort into it. Clear any clutter, add some indoor plants and decorate it in any way that you see fit. The more content you are with your workspace, the more you’ll want to work there. Ensure you have a comfortable chair and that your screen is in line with your eyesight. Allow the space to be well lit by natural light if possible and keep your area organised.

    2. Have a schedule

    Luckily you have the flexibility to work when you want and you don’t have to work 9-5 if that’s something you don’t want to do. That doesn’t mean you should work without a schedule though. In fact, having a schedule when you work from home is often more important than a schedule if you were working in an office because it is far easier to be distracted and procrastinate when it’s just you in your own house.

    And to avoid the guilt of your dog’s little eyes staring up at you, with constant scratches at your legs for attention and playtime, consider sending them to doggy day care to have someone look after them for you for the day. Sending them for a play date can prevent any further distractions of working from home!

    Also set a to-do list each day and plan how long you will need to complete each of your tasks. This way you can keep yourself accountable and be as productive as possible.


    3.Factor in breaks 

    Having an area to rest and relax in is just as important as creating a space that you will want to work in. Scheduling breaks is as equally as important as scheduling yourself time to work. Go outside, spend five minutes in your backyard with your dog, take them for a short walk or relax for a moment in a different area. Having office hours will help you separate your life from your work and enable you to have a good work-life balance.

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