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Puppy Training

  • Puppy Training

    At Mind My Lead we highly recommend puppy training. Throughout puppy classes we lay the foundation for the remainder of their life; we determine their outlook on the world and develop the skills they require when interacting with both humans and canines.

    Training in the early stages of life goes far beyond teaching a puppy to sit or walk on a lead; there should be a significant focus on prevention of behavior problems, as well as establishing best practice regarding daily management, health, and welfare.

    One of the best methods to deal with behavior problems in adult dogs is to prevent them from occurring in young dogs! Recognizing early problems and addressing issues before they become established habits, is the best method to this approach.

    Puppy classes also provide dog owners with the knowledge and skills they require; completing the foundation training and managing their pets in a responsible manner.

    We believe puppy classes also help create a bond and a healthy relationship between the owner and dog. This enables both the handler and dog to enjoy each others company and lead a harmonious life together!

    Age Limits

    As a general rule, puppy classes apply to pups from 8 weeks of age, until 16-18 weeks of age.


    Puppies will be accepted at 8 weeks of age, providing they have had their first vaccination and are 8 days clear of any vaccination before they can attend training.


    Puppy classes are short in duration generally lasting 4 weeks in length.


    We recommend that puppies wear a flat collar and lead. Note: Correction chains are not permitted to be used on dog’s under 12 weeks of age in Victoria.

    General information

    • Puppies have a short attention span, therefore exercise must be short and vary between active and passive.
    • Puppy classes are generally more relaxed and involve longer periods of discussion/sharing issues and question time
    • Direct dog-dog interaction or ‘puppy play’ is essential (this can be off or on lead, depending on the venue and equipment available).
    • Socialization/ desensitization needs to be at a mild intensity to prevent sensitization from occurring.

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