Bayside's Best Doggy Daycare.

Benefits of Daycare

  • Dogs are social creatures and Mind My Lead gives your pets an opportunity to enjoy continual interaction with our devoted staff and social interaction with other pets, in a safe and controlled play environment.

    Experienced staff observe dogs at play and love to watch how much fun dogs can have running, wrestling & romping together. It is great exercise and can burn off tons of excess energy. Which in turn benefits the owner, as you can come home to a well-exercised, well-behaved tired dog, who is ready to relax and enjoy a cuddle on the couch with you!

    We understand & respect each dog has a unique personality and at Mind My Lead we cater for various needs of our clients. Dogs are matched according to size, age, activity level & temperament, and are supervised by caring staff, while playing together within a comfortable climate.

    Mind My Lead is a safe place for all seasons. It is a great option for both the extreme heat, thunderstorms and the cold winter months. Dogs are kept cool in summer, clean, warm and dry in winter.

    With busy lifestyles, long workdays & family commitments, it’s not always possible to exercise or socialise your pets. That’s where we can help; Mind My Lead is the solution for you & your dog.

    We offer a healthy play environment that will enrich your dog’s spirit, provide exercise and stimulate their minds. We are also happy to work on any training or behavioural issues and of course we will maintain their manners whenever the need should arise throughout your pets stay.

    The benefits of doggie daycare are so many; help them to become more confident, calm and controllable when meeting other dogs & other humans, extra socialisation to improve social skills, teaches dogs basic manners, reduces destructive behaviours at home caused by boredom or separation anxiety, reduces canine anxieties due to loud noises, aids in improvement of dogs fitness levels and they get to enjoy lots of love and cuddles.

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Conveniently located just off Bay Road in Highett, Mind My Lead are Bayside’s newest and best doggy daycare facility.