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Terms & Conditions

  • The below terms & conditions of Mind My Lead are to ensure all dogs are cared for in accordance with the Government of Victoria Code of Practice. The provisions of the Code need to be observed by all owners, operators & by all people who work at Mind My Lead, to ensure the health and safety of all puppies, dogs, staff and pet owners who visit our facility.

    • Opening hours are 7.30am – 6pm Monday to Friday. All dogs must be collected by their respected owners prior to the centers closing time of 6pm. All late pick-ups will incur a surcharge of $1 per 1 minute increment.
    • Drop of hours between 7.30am-9am & pick up between 4pm-6pm. Dogs not checked in by 9am, may loose their booking & monies paid.
    • Cancellation policy – Minimum 48 hours notice is required. Less than 48 hours, you will loose your booking & money paid.
    • All paperwork, forms and vaccination requirements must completed and submitted prior to admission.
    • Mind My Lead accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard & PayPal. Payment must be made & received prior to booking. Please note if paying via EFT you MUST email the office a confirmation receipt & nominate your booking dates. Your booking will not be confirmed until you receive an email from our office to confirm your booking(s).
    • Your dog must approach, enter and leave Mind My Lead on a lead at ALL times.
    • All puppies & dogs must be identifiable. I.e. suitable collar & identification tag at all times.
    • The owner accepts that dogs will only be checked out to the registered applicant. If an alternative arrangement is required, the registered applicant must provide any variation to this in writing. Please make a note on check in registration.
    • Dog owners understand that all canine clients enrolled with Mind My Lead must be at least 14 weeks of age and 8 days clear after their initial vaccination. Please note we are extremely strict with our vaccination policy (without exception). It is the dog’s owner’s responsibility to provide up-to-date vaccination details to Mind My Lead. Unvaccinated dogs will be refused care.
    • Dogs must be on a worm, flea & tick preventive program. Dogs with fleas will be treated immediately at the owners expense and in severe cases not be allowed.
    • Lunch must be given to puppies from 14 weeks of age at Mind My Lead. All food is to be provided by the owner & clearly labeled.
    • If your dog is on medication we can continue to administer these during their visit. Medications must be clearly labeled and have an instruction sheet including dosage and administering details (am/pm etc).
    • The dog owner needs to notify Mind My Lead of any illness in the past 24 hours. Sick puppies/dogs are not suitable for our facility & will not be admitted.
    • The dog owner agrees to disclose any known aggressive/behavioral issues, towards other animals or any person, prior to their induction to Mind My Lead and in the future.
    • Canines over the age of 6 months must be neutered or sprayed (puppies between 14 weeks and 6 months are excluded).
    • The dog owner accepts all liability and shall indemnify Mind My Lead, its employees and representatives from any claims or actions of any kind arising from any loss, injury or harm that their dog sustains or causes to another dog or person while in the care of Mind My Lead. The dog owner shall reimburse Mind My Lead for all services sought from third parties such as medical treatment in relation to any loss, injuries or harm sustained by your dog or inflicted by your dog upon a person or another dog whilst at Mind My Lead.
    • If we consider your pet requires veterinary care, due to an injury or becoming ill whilst at Mind My Lead, we will attempt to contact your preferred clinic first, however we reserve the right to contact & or transfer a dog to our nominated clinic.
    • Should a dog damage Mind My Leads property the owners will be billed for the replacement cost or damages.
    • Please note that all dogs must pass our temperament evaluation/ & or behavioral assessment.
    • Mind My Lead reserves the right to refuse or cancel a pet’s enrolement for any reason.
    • The dog owner knows & understands that their dog will be reassessed throughout their future day care visits and should any dog display any signs of changes in their behavior, particular if there is a negative change, Mind My Lead has the right to cancel any future bookings. Any monies in credit will be refunded in full. Should your dog not attend daycare for a period longer than 6 months, Mind My Lead may request a new behavioral assessment be carried out.
    • Although ongoing behavior assessments & observations may reduce the risk of dispute occurring between dogs, the dog owner accepts it does not eliminate the risk 100%
    • If a dog is found not suitable for day care, any monies in credit will be refunded in full via original payment method.
    • Change of contact details and booking alterations must be notified in writing to
    • I agree for my dog & or pup to mix and socialize with other dogs & pups and participate in Mind My Lead activities,
    understanding that there are risks involved.
    • The dog owner permits their dog to be taken from the facility to participate in an on lead walk and acknowledges that their dog will remain on lead throughout the duration of the walk/exercise.
    • The dog owner acknowledges that Mind My Lead is a cage free environment and their dog will be interacting off leash, in shared pens, with other dogs and employees on the premises.
    • The dog owner understands and agrees that there is the risk of certain injuries when within a doggie daycare facility. Mind My Lead will attempt to maintain safety of all dogs but shall not accept responsibility for the damage
    caused by or to an animal.

    I/we the owner(s) have read, understood and accept Mind My Leads terms and conditions outlined above.
    I/we have advised all details which could effect the care by or to my dog or people and agree as the owner(s)
    of the dog, are liable for incidences. I/we warrant that the information I have provided is correct and that
    I/we will inform Mind My Lead if this information changes.

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